The Truth EP

by Death Of Self

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released October 15, 2016

Nick: Guitar, Vocals, Harmonies
Joe: Bass, Drums, Harmonies



all rights reserved


Death Of Self Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Just A Ploy
Painted picture on the T.V.
Don't know what I'm supposed to see
Saw the picture again today
Don't know how it can relate to me

It's just a ploy
Just a disguise
A lie to cover a lie
To keep you from asking why

In your face, a blank facade
What lies behind is another fraud
A million minds repel the first
Every reaction has been rehearsed
All the pieces fall into place
And at his desk, a new disgrace
He's gone through many, he's gone through few
How long before he goes through you?

It's just a ploy
A way to change your mind
So when you're shown the lie
It'll surely pass you by

Painted picture on the T.V.
They tell me what I'm supposed to see
One reputation gets destroyed
And millions don't know its just a ploy.
Track Name: Apocalypse Now
We're all escalating towards a fate
That becomes a little more cloudless everyday
There's something in our psyche that leads us along the way
Hear no evil, Say no evil, and everything will be okay

There's a life outside that's a little harder to find
It might do you the labor of opening up your eyes
But for many it becomes too easy just to push aside
Do good for my species, why the fuck should I even try?

With our species in doubt
Apocalypse Now

Now the plants rise up with shadows looking so austere
Just like the smog, inevitable death is oh so near
Though the air is dark, the future has never been so clear
With the sun blotted out, politicians can finally cheer

With our species in doubt
Apocalypse Now.
Track Name: No Escape
A man walks down the street wondering what he did with the last thirty years
It's excruciating to watch himself slowly disappear
The only memory left is of the day that he refused to walk away
Left only with the failures of yesterday, and no escape

So, if you're ever wondering what the moral of the story is
Live your life any way you want, just don't make it like his
Take a step back from the featureless minds that multiply every day
For they too will one day know that feeling of no escape.
Track Name: Knowledge
Help me
There's nothing left to learn
Millions of people around the world
Tell me to exercise in reverse
People seem to think
If I push my mind aside
Someone else will study up
And show me what is right

A cry out
As I watch the books burn
A million year legacy
Isn't something we can earn
We're more the kind
To watch ourselves fade away
Content with be passed off
Mesmerized by the gray

God help us
We're fading into the night
You might feel a sense of hope
Cause who's to know what is right
This isn't the first time
We've put ourselves at stake
This is just the first time
We don't have what it takes

There's nothing left
It's all gone
Just the ruins of a civilization
Completely gone wrong
There's nothing left
It's burned down
Nothing left to build on now.
Track Name: The Truth
Points of view are cascading all around
Any effort to compensate just let's me down
Tired of being deceived by the dismal lie
A lonely life of ignorance is no accomplice of mine

Every night I'm tormented by the bitter sleep
And the elephant in the room still won't reveal itself
Spent too many long nights starring in the mirror
Just trying to make this world look a little clearer

I know it's something that I'm probably never going to find
It takes so much effort just to pry those blinders off
But I'll probably keep on pressing on like the ones who came before
The ones who met their maker in the search for something more
And its just so easy to fail again
When searching for something so alien
And I know this topic's a little taboo
But I just want to know the....Truth